You’ve always wanted a cabin in the country, a little retreat surrounded by nature… but it’s a step that invariably seems too big to take. So maybe your thoughts turn to buying a small shack you can renovate. It seems like the perfect way to reach your goal right away… but do you really think you’re going to feel like working on your “project” every weekend?


On the other hand, if you want to build from scratch, you need to find the land… and even if you’ve already got a spot, there are several steps to go through before you get to fully enjoy a relaxing weekend at the cabin:

Architectural and structural designs.
A topographical survey.
A percolation test.
The site plan.
Municipal approval of the plans.
An erosion control plan.


At Mille Pieds Carrés, we are well acquainted with each of these steps, and we can steer and guide your project to completion:

We have the contacts, resources, and experience to help you avoid any missteps.
We can support you at every stage of the project.
We supervise the work as though we are to be the future homeowners ourselves.
And above all, we’ve already got plans on hand to submit to the municipality of your choice and to begin building as quickly as possible.


We have applied all of our vast knowledge, working with the architects at _naturehumaine, to bring you a compact, 888 square-foot cabin, nestled in the countryside, to meet your needs—your real needs: to be surrounded by nature… and to just settle in. A latte in the city on Thursday. A glass of wine at the cabin on Friday!


We’ve built our first model in West Bolton, in the Eastern Townships, to better assess the costs… both ours and yours. Each square foot has been well thought out. We’ve done away with all of the costly aspects of a traditional house, while maximizing our efforts to bring you added comfort.


The main idea behind this cabin concept was to design modules that are independent from one another, each of which has a different function. We therefore created two modules—the living quarters and the bedroom quarters—linked by a platform that serves as an entryway and vestibule.


On the energy efficiency front, the model meets the most up-to-date requirements of the National Building Code (NBC 2010). In addition, every effort was made to use local suppliers.


The large Alumilex windows were positioned on the same side, arranged to get the most exposure, taking advantage of natural light and warmth.


Building a cabin comes with several challenges that many people might underestimate.


Do you plan on getting up at 5:30 am to get to the work site, making important decisions that can’t be made off-site, being around to receive an order of supplies, or meeting with sub-contractors for an estimate? Do you know how much things cost? Have you thought of everything that must be included in an estimate, so as to limit any extra charges? Can you coordinate various tradespeople and set up the various steps—not according to your schedule but rather based on the logical progression of the work?


Choosing us means minimizing the impact of all of these aspects on your daily life.


It also means skipping the design stage—which can often be long and costly—and having plans ready to be submitted to the municipality of your choice in record time!



Our dwellings are built with the strictest respect for the building code and for workers.
We are duly registered with the Régie du Bâtiment (5729-5552-01).
We have all appropriate licences (including licences 1.1.1 / 1.1.2).
Our buildings come with GCR’s new home warranty plan (accreditation #15780).